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  • I make customer experiences better
  • It's a great supplement to my income

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Now more than ever, Customer Experience matters! We work with brands and retailers to help them understand their customers better. We believe that igniting commitment to customer experience is the best way to grow their business. Our services include mystery shopping, where a secret shopper interacts in store to understand the real customer experience, auditing, assessing compliance to brand standards, research, connecting with customers to understand their needs, expectations and experiences.


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What our shoppers say

  • “I was glad I joined up with Creative Activation as a mystery shopper, you can work your own hours, get paid to do many different jobs and I go to different areas with one or two jobs or more to make it cost effective”

    Miriam, joined 2009SA

    “As a salesperson myself, it’s always nice to see how good staff customer service and product knowledge is at other businesses and strive harder at your own work to become better”

    Paul, joined 2007SA

    “As a full time Mystery Shopper/Auditor I find Creative Activation to be in my top 5 of reliable companies. They always pay on time, give prompt responses and always give positive and friendly assistance”

    Kim, joined 2011SA
  • “I enjoy giving feedback to improve customer service. I love my job. It is fun and flexible and suits my lifestyle”

    Georgia, joined 2011NSW

    “My wife and I both enjoy the fun of mystery shopping and the sense of leading change; we have seen the behaviour of retail personnel improve so much as a result of the programs”

    Stuart, joined 2009QLD

    “There are many mystery shopping companies and we have tried several, but Creative Activation are the best in the field that we have come across. We have recommended them to both relatives and friends”

    Toni, joined 2009QLD
  • “I love being able to interact with other people and Creative Activation offers so many different opportunities. Being part of a well-run, supportive team makes this all the more pleasurable”

    Janaya, joined 2005QLD

    “I would like to say I like to use Creative Activation over others. I have been fully satisfied from the shopping to sending in the report to the reimbursement. Plain and simple, it’s great”

    Joanne, joined 2010VIC

    “Creative Activation provides great shops with thorough instructions, making it easy for a shopper to do. I will continue to shop for Creative Activation for as long as they need me!”

    Maria, joined 2010VIC
  • “A friend suggested Mystery Shopping and that Creative Activation were the best and they are. The wonderful support I receive from the staff ensures that their clients will always benefit”

    David, joined 2010VIC

    “I enjoy providing constructive feedback which can be used to enhance the experience clients provide to their customers. The money is great too!”

    Emma, joined 2008VIC

    “As I am probably what is known as a `shopaholic' this is my dream job to be let loose in a Shopping Centre and to give feedback on customer service. The flexibility suits me as I can work around my busy lifestyle”

    Brenda, joined 2003NSW